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Shabby Chic and Upcycled Bureaus

Traditional and vintage in their very nature, bureaus are one piece of furniture that’s certainly stood the test of time.

Practical and elegant, a beautiful shabby chic bureau will not only hold your stationery and other trinkets, but is likely to bring back an array of childhood memories too. From whites and pastels to dark mahogany hues, bureaus come in all sorts of different styles and designs. Sadly, as they’re often quite large pieces of furniture, many people simply don’t have room for them in their homes. However this has provided a great opportunity for upcycling, where an item is rescued and restored to its former glory ready for a new life. The beauty of this is not only is your new bureau cool and quirky, it’s totally unique too!

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We're really sorry but we don't have anything finished in this category yet.

However, the great news is that we do have 3 items in this category in our workshop and paint room, being finished off at the moment! Please check back soon, or Tell us your email address and we will contact you when they are ready!

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